A fan-made extension of Ticket To Ride with a map for Hong Kong

Ticket to Ride is one of my favourite board games. So this year, 2021, when a few close friends were leaving Hong Kong, I started thinking of what I could get them as a token to remember this beautiful city by. And the obvious choice was a Hong Kong themed game. But alas, while there are many TTR extensions, Hong Kong is not one of them. So I decided to make one! After looking around the web, I discovered a swathe of fan-creators who had made brilliant extensions for other parts of the world and also tonnes of helpful advice and resources that they had shared. And after a couple of months of on-and-off effort I was finally able to create a version I am happy with. You can download the extension pack below.

Game Board

TTR HK Game Board.pdf

Tickets Front Pages and Back page

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Back Page

Zip File with all game components, printing instructions and rules

TTR HK Game for printing.zip

Published by permission for non-commercial use. All rights to the Ticket to Ride name, gameplay, mechanics, and imagery are reserved by Days of Wonder, Inc., who have not endorsed or play tested this expansion.

Unofficial Fan made expansion - Symbols & Graphics Copyright 2004-2021 Days of Wonder, Inc. Produced with permission of Days of Wonder, for non-commercial use only.

Much thanks to Days of Wonder who gave me the permission to publish this game. Here's the link on their website to this and other fan contributions.

And here you would find the link to this game on Board Game Geek, which is the golden source of all things board-games

I would also like to acknowledge all the good samaritans who have shared their work on fan extensions. I took inspiration (and resources) from many sources. Links to some of the sources/discussion threads below including a quick how to play youtube video for the original game


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Designed by Saurabh Upadhyay in 2021 [saurabhu@gmail.com]